open relays at Earthlink

Dean Anderson dean at
Wed Aug 26 18:04:55 UTC 1998

At 02:04 AM 8/26/98 +1000, Adam Todd wrote:
>>ISPs sell customers a TCP/IP connection to the Internet.  To me that means
>>taking my IP datagrams and delivering them to where I address them.  I
>UUNET sells connections to users that allows them to deliver packets?  Only
>problem is so many places block more and more UUNET traffic every day.
>Eventually UUNET will have to do something about it's inability to transit
>anything except the backbones and it's a pretty lonely world out there on
>your own.

Yes, it certainly is lonely.  You isolate yourselves, too.  From purely
that point of view, it is the smaller group that harmed the most by
isolation.  So, are you larger or smaller than UUnet?

As I have pointed out numerous times previously, your tactics are fatally
flawed and damage the cause more than help it.  You're losing your battles,
pretty much as I expected, for pretty much the reasons I explained
previously.  It's too bad.  Some spam regulation would be a good thing, I
think, but the radicals are making that impossible.


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