Buy my box to guarantee your traffic patterns!

Jon Green jcgreen at
Wed Aug 26 04:19:47 UTC 1998

Hi.  I am announcing here the formation of a new company and a new product
called "PacketWarrior" which network providers can use to enforce their
pre-determined traffic profiles.  Not sending enough traffic to one of
your peers?  PacketWarrior will match their traffic bit for bit to
ensure an equal balance.  Sending too much traffic to your
peers?  Configure PacketWarrior with the addresses of web servers on your
peer's networks, and it will automatically download web pages over
and over until it achieves a balance!  Order now for four easy payments
of only $1999 each!  Billed to your Visa or Mastercard, and shipped discreetly
in plain brown paper wrapping.


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