Generation of traffic in "settled" peering arrangement

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Aug 26 01:04:44 UTC 1998

>p.s.  The fact that the sender of traffic should be paying some portion
>      of the resulting costs is not a surprise to anyone; many of the
>      content companies that I've spoken to believe they already are
>      paying more as traffic increases, and were quite surprised to 
>      find that it doesn't actually make it to the networks which 
>      bear the brunt of the traffic carriage.

Why don't you just resort to a bit-counting method that I suggested earlier
for settlement peering, and make the *SENDER* carry the traffic to the
'local' destination ?

That way, the sender has to build a large enough network to distribute its
traffic to the destination networks, without just presenting at one network
point and expecting destination networks to foot the inter-state / inter-country
traffic ..



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