Robert Bowman rob at
Sat Aug 22 00:47:38 UTC 1998

why is assymetry the issue??  I'm very confused.  It's the imbalance
of costs.. right???  
> On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Robert Bowman wrote:
> > Isn't being a pioneer doing best-exit to eliminate the cost imbalances?
> > I thought that was the whole idea behind what BBN/Exodus were doing.
> I don't know your network and BBN's well enough to do anything but guess
> here, but wouldn't there still be asymmetry in the number of bits of
> traffic exchanged, even with best exit?
> I'm not sure if the things I am discussing are directly applicable to your
> situation with BBN but if you think some of this stuff could work and are
> willing to try it, why not ask BBN if they would consider some sort of
> interim agreement while you work out the details. I guess I'm the kind of
> guy who always looks for a creative, off-the-wall, "think different" kind
> of solution to a problem in negotiations. The worst the other folks can
> say is no. But sometimes they say hmmm...
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