Generation of traffic in "settled" peering arrangement

Richard Irving rirving at
Mon Aug 24 22:30:55 UTC 1998

See comments below....

Paul Vixie wrote:

> > I don't know what he was saying, but I'll say something like it: gatekeeper,
> wuarchive,, and other archives of free stuff are going to have to
> do some kind of micropayment scheme -- charge for downloads in other words --
> in order to pay their own costs to their providers, in order that those
> providers are able to pay THEIR costs, in transit they buy or in glass they
> lease or whatever.

  I hate to ask, but are *you* buying into the host transmit charges?
As opposed to client request fee's?

  I am *not* primarily a hosting site, but I don't *even* like that
concept.   :\

  (Not that anyone really cares about my *opinion*,
   I just felt a need :)

CDROM.COM could run PASV, and the "requester" would pay for BW. 
(DS0m/s ;)
Hardly an unfair request. Now, if CDROM.COM has enough sponsers,
they could allow traditional FTP... (Changes the origin, and hence

  I could even imagine the JAVA app, that sets up the download,
popping up a little box that updates a small AD,( oh.. say every 30
seconds...) while you download via FTP from the other window...
Of course, that might hurt standard FTP programs, (or *help* them ;)

  "This download brought to you by....."
   "Click here for a great deal on .... "

  Just letting my imagination flow, pardon any obvious shortcomings..

> The Internet backbone's growth has been all about barriers to entry and in
> special deals.  People have been buying their provisioning at flat rate or
> with other subsidies, and reselling it at variable rates to folks who came
> later or otherwise didn't have access to, or knowledge of, the special deals
> of the pioneers.  Eventually these special deals run out of time, or run out
> of bandwidth, and a true (cost-driven) market economy is developing.
> What we're seeing now is just SO inevitable.
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