Transaction Based Settlements Encourage Waste (was Re: B

Mike Leber mleber at
Mon Aug 24 22:21:38 UTC 1998

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, John Curran wrote:
>    If both ends are paying for this traffic and the receivers
>    continue to participate, then they must find it worthwhile.

Don't you mean senders here?  (You seemed to be proposing a senders pay
system.)  If not, of course receivers would continue to participate, they
earn money under your scenario for each bit they receive! 

If you did mean senders, the point was that the senders don't have control
because high volume legitimate non fradulent receivers would suck as much
data as possible from their sites in such a way to be indistinguishable
from any other legitimate use.  Receivers would sit around all day
thinking of fun new legitimate nonfraudlent undetectable ways to do this.


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