spare swamp space?

Brandon Ross bross at
Thu Aug 20 05:31:30 UTC 1998

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Alex Bligh wrote:

> If you are paying per bit, you'll still pay for smurfs, but they'll have
> to be 45Mb/s in size to cause any real damage.

That's just the problem, the smurf attacks we have been receiving lately
have been big enough to completely fill our transit T3's causing a
negative impact on all of our other services.

> You'll probably find BGP flapping up and down as your T1 saturates is
> more of a problem. 

I wasn't planning on running BGP over that link at all, since there will
be only a /24 on our end of it, a simple static route on the upstream's
side is sufficient.

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