Transaction Based Settlements Encourage Waste (was Re: BBN/GTEI)

Richard Irving rirving at
Sat Aug 22 19:09:55 UTC 1998

Warning you cannot configure your router with this post....

Michael Dillon wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > Are you telling me that I should not fill my pipe with duplicate Acks,
> > as that would be "fraud"?
> No. I'm saying that if you generate spurious traffic with the
> *INTENT* of creating a revenue stream to you then you are probably
> committing fraud. If the duplicate acks are created by a program that
> serves no other useful purpose then it would be just as fraudluent as if
> you were to set up a 900 number, don a bicycle messenger's outfit, and
> visit downtown offices asking to use the phone for a momemnt and then
> calling your 900 number.

  First, if TCP-INTERECPT code were modified to scale... The next router
  would intercept and "rate limit" the ACKS to only succesfully
  connections, as is true with SYN's, as well. SYN PATH, and ACK PATH
  would be part of the RSVP END-TO-END CDR records... And a SYN would
  not be the billable unit, completed SYN-PATHS would be. ACKS would not
  be either, only completed ACK-PATHS. Flow shifts   
  would generate "Convergence" CDR records..
  to handle that connectionless attitude.. :) 
  Also, RSVP today implies a genuine "commitment rate"... 
  Perhaps *commodity* TCP flows could create 
  0K CIR RSVP's, and just track actual utilization..

  BTW: Fraudulent ACK's would be lacking valid SYN's, as well as
  No one to bill..... 

  And a quick trip to "Disney Land".....

   But, *PHEW*, *would* we be *forced* to
  control BOGON IP's.....:}

   IOPS tightly secured model *everywhere*! 

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