Transaction Based Settlements Encourage Waste (was Re: BBN/GTEI)

Michael Dillon michael at
Sat Aug 22 18:26:34 UTC 1998

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Are you telling me that I should not fill my pipe with duplicate Acks,
> as that would be "fraud"?

No. I'm saying that if you generate spurious traffic with the 
*INTENT* of creating a revenue stream to you then you are probably
committing fraud. If the duplicate acks are created by a program that
serves no other useful purpose then it would be just as fraudluent as if
you were to set up a 900 number, don a bicycle messenger's outfit, and
visit downtown offices asking to use the phone for a momemnt and then
calling your 900 number.

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