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Sat Aug 22 14:13:22 UTC 1998

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> >> In the past we have
> >> considered the initiator of IP transactions to be irrelevant and had
> >> no-charge peering for networks that basically send a similar number of
> >> bytes to what they receive.
> >> 
> >> So what do we do when that is no longer the case? 
> Pray someone doesn't write a call-back protocol, so traffic flows in
> the opposite direction from the original initiator of the IP 'transaction'.

FTP already does this. Nevertheless, the largest number of bytes still
flows in the same direction as it would with HTTP. I think you are
agreeing with me that the initiator of the transaction is irrelevant. I
would go further and say that the customers of the peers and their actions
are also irrelevant to the peering relationship.

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