NANOG 14 & wbn Transition

William B. Norton wbn at
Thu Aug 20 19:32:41 UTC 1998

Hi all -

NANOG 14 will be held November 9-10 (with tutorials on the 8th) at the

Atlanta Marriott Marquis 
265 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 521-0000 (Voice) (404) 586-6098 (Fax)

Be sure to mention the NANOG group when you register at the hotel; the
group rate is $149/night. The NANOG 14 registration page is scheduled to go
up Friday.

wbn Transition
I am leaving Merit at the end of the month. After 4 years of evening
classes while working full-time at Merit, I'm planning on taking a few
months off for a much needed vacation, and then move on to something else. 

Craig Labovitz has agreed to join Pam and Susan and run NANOG 14. (With
respect to my other responsibilities, Sue Hares will be taking over
Directorship of the RSNG Project, and Craig will be leading the community
RADB/IRRD project.) All of us will be at IETF next week if you have any
questions or concerns; I'll probably see you all there as I troll one last
time for NANOG topics.

As we enter September:
Agenda proposals should be sent to labovit at and srh at,
Logistics/Vendor Sponsorship questions should be sent to pam at,  
Joke submissions (will still be greatly appreciated BTW) should still be
sent to wbn at ;-)

You guys have made chairing NANOG the most fun part of my job at Merit. I
want to thank you all and wish you the best!

Cheers -


William B. Norton	<wbn at>	734.936.2656 (W) 734.662.0748 (H)

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