MAE-East - Operational question

Richard Irving rirving at
Thu Aug 20 19:10:23 UTC 1998

> I'm not yet certain as to whether ATM replacement of FDDI is the right
> solution to this problem.
> -dorian

  Denial, it's not just a river in Africa....... :\

 (I know, it is *not* that cut and dry, but I couldn't resist ;)

My two cents.....
  The ATM exchanges/naps, while certainly not as taxed as
MAEE, are presenting me with better paths.... ATM's ability
to isolate damage to the individual that has oversubscribed
seems to scale... 

  It seems the philosophy:

  "If I oversubsribe, I make more money, yet trash my neighbors
   paths, as well as mine" doesn't produce the altruistic
   behavior one might expect....

   However, "If I oversubscribe, I trash MYSELF and ANYONE
   trying to get to ME, and no one else" 
   seems to work somewhat better..... 

   *Pure* communism was a great ideaology! However, 
   its failure, for the most part, was cited 
   as "not accounting for human nature"

   Go figure :\

  Not that this will help if it is NAP trunks that are saturated,
but, production capable OC12 and up interfaces, do. And don't forget,
most carrier class switches have *non-blocking* backplanes..... :)
At least that puts the solution back into *your* hands....

     I, for one, have an 0C3-C awaiting your descision.

  (And a religion ;)

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