spare swamp space?

Patrick Greenwell patrick at
Wed Aug 19 22:12:13 UTC 1998

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Brandon Ross wrote:
> I'm currently working on a project to help reduce the impact of smurf
> attacks on our IRC server.  Part of the plan requires a /24 of swamp
> space.  Since I'm sure ARIN wouldn't even consider assigning anything out
> of the swamp or anything that small, I'm wondering if any of you might
> have one that you're not using and would consider transferring to me.


> So what happens if they attack the public server?  The public server,
> since it's separated from the rest of our network will at least not effect
> our customers, only people connected to our public irc server from the
> outside world. 
> So why don't you just use private IP space?  That would require that we
> and our wholesale providers agree on a private block to use for this
> purpose.  Even if this can be done, if/when we add another wholesaler,
> who's to say if they will agree to that space as well?

Personally, I would go with this option. That's what the space is for. I
can't imagine it being that terribly difficult to negotiate this with your
upstream(s), and if you need to change, it should be fairly trivial.
Otherwise, why not just get real space from your upstream(s) and have them
blackhole the route at their borders?

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