open relays at Earthlink

Wayne wayne at
Thu Aug 20 02:13:40 UTC 1998

At 12:26 PM -0700 8/18/98, EarthLink Information Security wrote:
>While suggestions for denying relaying are appreciated, a majority of
>EarthLink members access our mail servers via POPs on the UUnet and PSI
>networks.  Closing our servers to those networks is not possible (though
>they are effectively closed to relaying for all other traffic).

How about using POP before SMTP (works with any POP3 client), Authenticated
SMTP (supported in Outlook 98 client) and XTND XMIT (supported in Eudora
Pro 4.x) or just support all of the above? Then you would be able to close
those mailservers to any relaying whatsoever.

We support all of those mail-sending methods and because of that we have
not relayed one single message for a non-customer in the life of our


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