BBN Peering issues (fwd)

Michael A. Patton MAP at
Wed Aug 19 01:47:13 UTC 1998

   From: "Sean M. Doran" <smd at>
   Date: 	Tue, 18 Aug 1998 03:43:06 -0700

   Many archive sites direct people to mirrors topologically closer
   to them, ...

Actually, most of the ones that do this with text the user is supposed
to understand, direct5 people to sites taht are GEOGRAPHICALLY
closer.  Sometimes this is the right thing, and sometimes it isn't.
Schemes such as Exodus and others use, actually do produce the
topologically closer server, and that is, in fact, better...and
doesn't require the user to think (in this stage of growth, that's a
good thing :-).


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