The Cidr Report

Sean M. Doran smd at
Wed Aug 19 11:19:17 UTC 1998

| > B/      When we can easily do:
| > 
| > 	"router bgp N
| >          proxy-aggregate route-map Lazy-Types
| I may be misunderstanding, but does this (proposed) config statement
| automaticly suppress (aggregate) any prefixes that are exactly the
| same as another prefix except in the length? For example given
| the last two would not be propogated? That would be cool!

Right, essentially.  This is particularly easy if all the
attributes are the same, notably the AS_Path.

In IOS there is already a pretty good set of tools to choose what
one proxy-aggregates -- and how -- that were developed several
years ago; a tool to choose when to apply a set of these would also
be useful.

One policy that I think would be useful would be: "Does the origin
AS announce more than N prefixes?  If so, aggregate/drop more specifics
as follows..." 


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