BBN Peering issues

Robert Bowman rob at
Mon Aug 17 22:05:57 UTC 1998

As I stated before, please read the current 10Q.  I believe I made
it clear that Exodus has purchased transit in the past.  I also made
it very clear that it really isn't the issue.  I *could* purchase
transit.  The question is will I?  The "other" folks *could* purchase
transit, but will they?  Even if I did have transit, *would* I use
it to allow BBN to disconnect? 


> Jerry, the most important paragraph followed a few lines later:
> "Many of the operators of the private peering interconnections are
> competitors of the Company. Currently, ***the Company does not pay a fee
> for many of these interconnections,*** and if these organizations were to
> begin to charge the Company for utilizing these interconnections, or, in
> the cases where the ***Company currently pays a fee,*** to increase the pricing
> associated with utilizing these networks, the Company may be required to
> identify alternative methods through which it can distribute its customers'
> content."
> Exodus has certainly said or implied that they had universal no cost
> interconnection?  No?  Or are we going on nuances here like the
> interconnections are peering that is being paid for instead of transit and
> so they really don't count???
> The worldcom statement could be leased lines for their own backbone.  True.
> but do you think that they get no cost peering from UUNET?  i honestly
> don't know the answer.  still I can't immagine generous john sidgemore
> interconnecting them for free.
> what the paragraph that I cited again above says is that they pay for
> multiple peering interconnections..... or at least they sure paid last
> january.   does anyone think free peering is getting easier to get?  ergo
> its a safe assumption that they pay now.....becuase if they somehow bucked
> the trend how could they miss out on the pr value of saying so?
> >gordon,
> >
> >for someone who claims to be a reporter, you are sometimes amazing. Buying
> >leased circuit bandwidth from Worldcom or bozo the clown does not mean
> >that that they are buying internet peering. You have no facts to prove
> >anything you say, yet you content that people who do have facts are
> >misrepresenting the truth.
> >
> >take a break,
> >jerry
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