DNS Headaches

Phil Howard phil at charon.ipal.net
Mon Aug 17 14:23:32 UTC 1998

max at inc.net wrote:

> Well looks like it was a problem with internic and a.root-servers.net. 
> The offending name servers were torgo.webteam.net and
> panic.webteam.net.  I got ahold of internic and unfortunatly the night
> help doesnt seem to be able to page someone.  They are going to have
> someone call me first thing in the morning.  A recent dig shows that
> the record has been corrected so it should be a matter of time before
> it works itself out.  I would like to thank everyone on the list who
> helped me track this down.

This might be best to go over to the DOMAIN-POLICY at LISTS.INTERNIC.NET list

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