BBN Peering issues

John Milburn jem at
Tue Aug 18 11:52:00 UTC 1998

"Erik E. Fair" <fair at> writes:

>The Internet presents this kind of universality today without the
>regulation, but don't doubt for a second that if the ISPs (of whatever
>size) begin destructive pissing matches of the form "I'm bigger than you,
>pay me or we disconnect" that the FCC will be pressured to regulate the
>ISPs in such a way to guarantee the universal connectivity aspect of the

It would be sad were it to go that way, but a universal connectivity
system in the US would go a long way to help creating a scalable
international peering/settlement system (which the FCC is not in a
position to regulate.) Currently, it is depressing to watch all the US
domestic peering haggling going on, and wonder how in the hell those
of us paying for big pipes across big oceans are going to come up with
reasonable and scalable cost models to allow those pipes to grow.

That the Internet presents universality at the moment, from an
international perspective, works only because the US (or rather, a few
US major players) is still acting as a global NAP, and most outside of
the US are so far willing to pay the full cost of connectivity to the US.

I suspect a day is comming where instead of BBN, it will be someone like
NTT (the big Japanese telco) saying "pay for connecting to us, or we will
cut off your access to Japanese porn from our customer sites." Or, they
may say to US based advertizers, "Pay us for what you use on this pipe
across the Pacific, or we will block your access to Japanese customers."

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