BBN Peering issues

Lawrence A. Deleski lad at
Sun Aug 16 07:58:33 UTC 1998

Perhaps BBN is not answerable to you and I, but they should care deeply
about and be answerable to the community that makes the Internet work,
which, in some cases, just might *be* you and I.  Or maybe they should find
a new business where they can operate unobstructed by convention,
guidelines, consensus, and historical precedent.

Lawrence A. Deleski
lad at

>From: shields at (Michael Shields)
>To: mark at (Mark Tripod)
>Subject: Re: BBN Peering issues
>Date: Sun, Aug 16, 1998, 7:59 AM

>> fundamentally important that these ideals be extended to the future of
>> the Internet, if it is to have a future. No company should have the
>> right to force another to pay for connectivity simply because the latter
>> has not been around since the beginning or they are not a telco.
>BBN is answerable to their customers and shareholders and not to your
>or my ideals of how the Internet should work.
>Shields, CrossLink.

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