DNS Headaches.

Ryan K. Brooks ryan at inc.net
Sat Aug 15 09:13:49 UTC 1998

Craig A. Huegen wrote:

> This wouldn't be webteam.net, would it? =)
> This morning, Chris Yarnell from NASA pointed out the response
> to "dig @a.root-servers.net . soa":
> .                       2D IN NS        PANIC.WEBTEAM.NET.
> .                       2D IN NS        TORGO.WEBTEAM.NET.
> I don't know how this happened, but it doesn't look pretty. =)
> (The "standard" zone files were okay -- .COM, .NET, etc...)
> /cah

How did this happen anyway?  InterNIC? Postel?  Doesn't this error imply that
a  percentage of the Internet was unresolvable by the entire planet?

It would really be great to find out what chain of events got us a root
nameserver on our network;  not that we wouldn't mind donating  the resources
to run one - it would just be nice to know in advance.  :-)

Maybe we can get bilateral peering with BBN since we have a root server,

Ryan Brooks
ryan at inc.net
CTO, Internet Connect, Inc.

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