SPAM -- argh

Adam D. McKenna adam at
Mon Aug 17 16:30:15 UTC 1998

My apologies again, I posted this message on friday, and apparently it
didn't get through until today.  I was expecting it to be rejected as the
email address it was sent from is not subscribed to nanog-post.

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `:)'

Adam D. McKenna
adam at
-----Original Message-----
From: Adam D. McKenna <flounder at>
To: nanog at <nanog at>
Date: Monday, August 17, 1998 12:27 PM
Subject: SPAM

My hosts/customers have been getting repeatedly spammed for the last three
days from someone using Earthlink mail relays.

The hosts in question:
(some other hosts, I can't remember the others

I have been sending mail repeatedly to abuse at but have
gotten no response, and the spam hasn't stopped.

I'd appreciate if a nice Earthlink admin could step in here and make sure
the problem gets fixed.

Otherwise, I'd like to "nominate" for RBL.

adam at

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