BBN Peering issues

Lawrence A. Deleski lad at
Fri Aug 14 10:26:25 UTC 1998


I'm not sure what the traceroutes prove, but there are at least 50 other
reasonable, logical explanations that can cause the traffic to exit at
different points.

I was a Director at Exodus and I happen to know factually that it is the
policy of Exodus engineering to not buy transit.  The peering arrangement
with Sprint is transit-free, and fee-free.  It is a true PX.  The
disclaimer, of course, is that I don't work there anymore, but logically it
wouldn't make too much sense to trade-in a fee-free PX with Sprint for a
for-fee transit arrangement.  This also assumes, of course, that Sprint
didn't pull a "BBN" in complete secrecy and forced all of their private
exchanges to buy transit.  If they did, they should have told BBN how to
keep the whole thing quiet.

Is it more fun to presume that Exodus is buying transit and therefore easier
to poke at in public?  I'm not sure what constructive purpose this thread
addresses. The larger issue is that BBN is trying to screw around with free
exchange of traffic on the Internet, just like UUNet tried to do last year. 
This will only hurt BBN's customers, and subsequently BBN, as their
customers bail in droves from their narrow-minded and self-serving moves.

Lawrence A. Deleski
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>Subject: Re: BBN Peering issues
>Date: Fri, Aug 14, 1998, 4:38 PM

>| Private Exchange.  It is a private exchange between SPRINT and Exodus.
>I see.  And is it your assertion that Exodus does not pay for this
>peering, and that, moreover, the payment does not include transit
>One of the reasons I wonder, of course, is that it is pretty
>apparent from traceroutes that Sprint is not routing towards
>Exodus uniformly (see below, note different exits).

Not apparent at all.  Can you explain further? 

>Now why would Sprint do that on a settlement-free basis?

Because that's what peering is all about?

>I'm also curious about the assertion that you have no transit
>at all.  Not even from Worldcom, maybe?
>I'm sure a public reassertion that there Exodus has NO 
>paid-for transit from ANYONE would be interesting to everyone.

See above.

> Sean.
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