BBN Peering issues

Henry Linneweh linneweh at
Sun Aug 16 19:51:41 UTC 1998

Well that's all fine and dandy. however the internet has worked for 20 years
I have been asssociated with it, on the working principal that no one
hassled or
encumbered peering charges and there were no board rooms or stockholders
and that is why it worked, because people knew what they were doing.

The admins and network engineers that do this daily for a living or
researcher that develope codes and methods to do it better made this happen
and certainly not the latter and from my view it WORKED.

Adding Joe Blow to the picture is like elevating A Janitor to Director of
Services and turning him/her loose in the NOC.

Goldstein_William at wrote:

> Thanks for the reality check.  Whether the rest of us like it or not,
> you're right.
> Bill Goldstein
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> AT&T
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>    > fundamentally important that these ideals be extended to the future
>    of
>    > the Internet, if it is to have a future. No company should have the
>    > right to force another to pay for connectivity simply because the
>    latter
>    > has not been around since the beginning or they are not a telco.
>    BBN is answerable to their customers and shareholders and not to your
>    or my ideals of how the Internet should work.
>    --
>    Shields, CrossLink.
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