DNS Headaches.

max at inc.net max at inc.net
Sat Aug 15 04:52:09 UTC 1998

  I am having some very bizzare DNS issues and am wondering if anyone
  will be able to shed some light on this.  A customer of ours started
  recieving thousands of DNS requests for a wide range of domains,
  mostly foreign.  The requests are coming from a wide range of ips
  most of which respond to nslookups "ie are nameservers".  I have done
  a whois on some of the domains and the 2 name servers having the
  problems don't show up, I have also check to root servers and dont see
  anything which would direct those domains to the name servers.  Their
  entire T1 is full from these requests about 1.2 meg.  As the customer
  is in the business of web hosting they can kill named nor can they
  put up a packet filter to fix this.  Also because there are literally
  hundreds of diffrent domains both preforming the lookups and being
  looked up it is not feasable to call the admin of each one to work
  this out.  Anyone have any ideas?

Max Spaulding
Internet Connect, INC.
max at inc.net

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