Rah for Patrick.

Dean Robb pceasy at norfolk.infi.net
Fri Aug 14 19:51:50 UTC 1998

At 18:25 8/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> know, nearly impossible.  If someone in our collocation facilities could
>> keep them up, even sub-optimally, even temporarily, I would greatly
>> appreciate it and donate my engineering time to do whatever was necessary
>> to get it done.
>Bravo, Patrick.  _This_ is how a _man_ dies, to paraphrase Bob

Agreed!  (Excellent quotation use, BTW).

>This is a perfect counter-example to what I was bitching about with the
>BBN fracas.  Serve the customers, _then_ worry about the money.

What's horribly sad is that the lesson must be learned over and over:  If
you serve the customers, you don't *have* to worry about the money.

Wabbit season!..duck season!..wabbit season!..duck season!..SPAMMER SEASON!

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