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Fri Aug 14 19:10:19 UTC 1998

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Exodus has purchased transit services in the past, which 
included other networks advertising our routes to other providers.
This is not the case today.  Our newest 10Q that was just filed for
last quarter reflects such changes, and also notes the current
BBN situation.

In any regards, the question isn't whether Exodus purchases transit.
Let me explain:

I could easily get another network, within 24hours, to give us
transit services.  I have plenty of capacity to do such things, and
have good relationships with folks that provide such services, whom
we currently privately peer with.  BBN also has that ability.  They
currently have backup-capacity through UUNET (2 DS3s as of 6 months
ago) in Cambridge.  Although these UUNET non-traditional DS3s don't
advertise BBN routes, they were/are being used to get output from
their Cambridge facility.  I'm sure it would only be a matter of BBN
calling UUNET to turn on such services.  The fact is, I doubt BBN
would do that.  I also know that Exodus wouldn't do the same on our
side.  Don't ask me to prove the BBN UUNET situation, as I have
no concrete proof.  This was discovered via one source (a BBN
engineer having a conversation with an Exodus engineer about 
why was not having packetloss, while a lot
of other BBN sites were--it was noted verbally by them that the
return path was going through a UUNET transit DS3). 

The fact is, BBN is disconnecting the Exodus private interconnects.
Exodus, under normal properly operating circumstances, does not
advertise it's networks to BBN through other providers.  We would
have to pay for that service, and will NOT do so.  The same is
vice versa for BBN.  Given this, upon disconnecting, there will
be no communication between the networks.

I don't see any point on continuing this thread on NANOG.  Anyone
interested in continuing the transit discussion can certainly
mail me directly at rob at  If something interesting comes
out of it, certainly it can be mailed to NANOG.

Once again--** The position stated is that of Exodus Communications
Inc. and not that of BBNPlanet/GTE or that of it's CTO John
Curran.  The statement of BBN purchasing services from UUNET is
not a proven fact and should be considered an opinion of Exodus **

Director Engineering

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