BBN Peering issues

Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Thu Aug 13 21:41:27 UTC 1998

On Wed, Aug 12, 1998 at 09:39:46AM -0400, Adam Rothschild wrote:
> > If anyone would like to communicate privately about the BBN Peering issues,
> > please drop me an email, or call.
> I would like to communicate openly and publicly about this.
> What I would like more than anything right now is some official word from
> high-up's at BBN regarding what this policy entails exactly, and what
> their rationale is behind it.  
> That is, a public explanation other than the all-too-obvious "We're
> greedy.  Welcome to the business world.  We're not going to change our
> minds, so shut the fuck up and buy some transit, you dumb suckers."

Based on just that little slice of the conversation, is BBN doing what
UUnet apparently failed in _it's_ attempt to do last fall, to Jack
Rickard's (and my) vast amusement?

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