BBN Peering issues

Henry Linneweh linneweh at
Thu Aug 13 21:39:34 UTC 1998

And Sprint owns earthlink does it not? As I look at this more and more I
the internet and the web being destroyed and cut up and soon non
functional for
anyone's use.

The government must be laughing their asses off and wallstreet is gonna
have a
field day with toasted ISP's and carriers destroyed by blind people's
greed and
inability to manage a global network

Failure of management is the crux to this issue and maintaining what has
for over 20 years. That to states there are some people in serious need of

sacking in some boardrooms.....

Henry R. Linneweh

Sean M. Doran wrote:

> | I checked before doing so, and I checked once again in light of your
> | allegation. And, according to Exodus, this *IS* a PX.
> If by PX you mean "public exchange point", then Sprint is
> being unusually inconsistent with its naming, numbering, and
> topology conventions.
> I'm curious as to which exchange point it is, if that in fact is
> what PX means.
> Of course, whatever type of connection it is, I'm curious about
> the fact that packets are always drawn towards this one connection.
> Are there others?  If so, are they down or something?
>         Sean. (wondering why Sprint would give away a single free T3)


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