FWD: Web backbone provider Priori mulls bankruptcy

Aaron Goldblatt aglists at trantortech.com
Thu Aug 13 20:46:54 UTC 1998

<Note as we start this: I'm not a Priori customer.>

>Thank you all for the tremendous response.  With your help I have gotten
>all of my customers moved so that not one Priori customer should suffer any
>significant downtime.  (Just long enough to move the line.)  I do
>appreciate everyone's offer of help.  Kinda restores my faith in the

There is also something to be said, and I'll mention it publically, for a
provider who, in the process of folding, takes the time to help arrange
emergency connectivity for its customers.  I've been on the short end of
the dying provider stick in the past, and didn't get such service.

As much as the providers who are cooperating in servicing Priori's
customers during Priori's disintegration (a list of which I'd like to
reecive privately, that I might patronize those businesses -- that's
behavior I approve of), Patrick and the rest of what's left of Priori's
team deserve some credit for doing a great deal more than just calling
customers and saying, "We're folding and you're outta luck, so come get
your equipment," or worse, simply shutting things down without making even
those calls.


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