BBN Peering issues

Neil J. McRae neil at DOMINO.ORG
Thu Aug 13 20:32:24 UTC 1998

> So what was the Exodus/GTEI agreement like?  Did it fit neatly into one of
> these categories?  Are there other more esoteric arrangements?  Is GTEI
> basically trying to get Exodus as a "customer" in a round-about way?  That
> certainly seems like an easy way to make more cash.  "I'll talk to you,
> but only if you buy 'Peering Bundle #A13' from us at $100,000/mo. and you
> have no other options.  We are big, and this is what you need to do to
> be a peer."

Who knows? Exodus people and GTE folks each have their own side of the
story which will doubtless be different. I don't like to see any kind of
dispute/disagreement like this and I hope that its resolved soon. The 
suffering party here is the customer of both providers and their customers 
customers. Everyone raving on about it on this list probably won't help
either parties. Lines will be crossed and as what always happens in email
people will misunderstand and the situation is liable to worsen. I hope
all parties come to a more amicable agreement soon though, things like 
this don't help the fragile business Internet Service Provision is.

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