BBN Peering issues

Robert Bowman rob at
Thu Aug 13 17:25:51 UTC 1998

We do not have transit.  Whomever showed the traceroute via Sprint must
be using a Sprint connected host, so they need to check their facts.
It's real easy, if BBN takes the PXs down, there will be disconnectivity.
To the best of my knowledge, CRL also has a similar condition.

> On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, John Butler wrote:
> > This statement is deluded to say the least. BBN peers with most other
> > major backbone providers, and they have one of the fastest, most
> > reliable networks in the world. Say Ms. Hancock ends up buying transit
> > from Digex or UUnet. Under most current hot-potato routing schemes, that
> > carrier will drop the packet at the closest BBN peering point, and the
> and actually buy transit from anyone, or are
> they each large enough that they just connect to the various NAPs and have
> free peering with all the other major networks?  If they don't buy transit
> from any other backbone, and lose peering with BBN, what path will packets
> between BBN and either of the two above take?
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