Peering with a big web farm (was Re: BBN Peering Issues)

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu Aug 13 06:20:12 UTC 1998

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 alex at wrote:

> > If one can force all outgoing to-the-webhosted-site queries
> > through a single web cache, and the content is (or is made to be)
> > relatively undynamic, one has a huge caching potential.
> Amen; I didn't even see that. But, that could work to BBN's favor!

If BBN wants to sell connectivity to a big web farm provider, how does
BBN's forcing all hits through a cache help BBN?  The data all still
crosses BBN's backbone, and the the web farm provider won't need as big a
pipe.  Maybe I'm missing something, but if BBN starts charging former
peers, I'd think caching at these edges would be a bad thing for BBN.

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