BBN Peering issues

alex at alex at
Wed Aug 12 21:39:00 UTC 1998

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Robert Bowman wrote:

> I've tried to stay away from posting here, but a small clarification...
> Exodus is currently dealing with the asymmetry of traffic by assuming
> a large chunk of the burden by doing best-exit, at BBN's request, based
> upon BBN's MEDs.  So let's not make it into the argument that the "evil"
> web hosters are just dumping recklessly via shortest-path out.  Exodus
> has assumed the cost of all long haul delivery coast-to-coast of the
> data that BBN's users are requesting.

Heh, that makes it look even worse for BBN now and potentially in the
future, depending on what Exodus chooses to do. It's amazing that they
shot thierselves in the foot like this.

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