BBN Peering issues

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Wed Aug 12 17:36:51 UTC 1998

How is this differnt than the case with Sprint?

At 12:59 PM 8/12/98 -0400, alex at wrote:
>Depending on who gives in first, and when.
>If Exodus breaks down and purchases connectivity from someone to get to
>BBN, then obviously is will not effect BBN in the slightest. If Exodus
>buys BBN routes from someone other than BBN (sprint, mci), then it gets
>quite funny; more PX's or MAE's get overloaded with traffic that was
>privately between Exodus and BBN, and BBN has caused one of its
>competitors (MCI/Sprint/whoever Exodus ends up buying from (if they do))
>to gain more revunue flow.
>Considering that BBN is the one who cut peering with Exodus, I presume
>Exodus will have a bad taste in thier mouth, and not buy from BBN (I could
>guess that BBN assumed this also).
>With all this in mond, BBN, IMHO, made a horrendously poor choice.
>BBN, turning peering into a boys club.

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