BBN Peering issues

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Wed Aug 12 16:53:16 UTC 1998

Err, you are missing something. Obviously GTE knows this, that is the
point of killing the peering. The question is, is the method the GTE is
using to determine who should pay for transit accurate? Turn it around;
why shouldn't BBN pay Exodus to terminate the traffic for them? 

It just strikes me as odd that BBN is trying to [essentially] apply a
telecom-accepted/FCC-tarrifed method of termination payments to IP

In effect, what BBN is doing is revolutionary. However, in my opinion, it
is sad to see essentially one of the founders of the Internet to bend the
Internet over and break out the Vaseline. However, that is just my

I wonder what Sprint and MCI's position is on this... Will we see them
doing that same? 

> As for any comments made by GTE/BBN regarding uneven traffic flow, I would
> sure as hell hope that is the case.  Surely an HTTP 'GET' request consumes
> less bandwidth than the content spewed back.  Then again, GTE/BBN may be
> too caught up to realize this, as they could very well be laughing their
> asses off all the way to the bank.

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