BBN Peering issues

Mike Schrimshaw michaels at
Wed Aug 12 14:20:09 UTC 1998

I've heard the two line explanation of what BBN is doing.  Will anyone
indulge my curiosity and give me the low down on what the issue is?
We're lighting fiber into their new Beaverton POP, and I'd like to ask
our wholesale rep/engineer about this.


On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Adam Rothschild wrote:

> > If anyone would like to communicate privately about the BBN Peering issues,
> > please drop me an email, or call.
> I would like to communicate openly and publicly about this.
> What I would like more than anything right now is some official word from
> high-up's at BBN regarding what this policy entails exactly, and what
> their rationale is behind it.  
> That is, a public explanation other than the all-too-obvious "We're
> greedy.  Welcome to the business world.  We're not going to change our
> minds, so shut the fuck up and buy some transit, you dumb suckers."
> Though I must admit that what I've heard may be biased, as I've heard from
> the opressees moreso than the opressors, this sounds like an issue driven
> by sheer stupidity and capitalism on BBN's behalf.  Certainly does not
As an aside, would you prefer a socialist approach towards networking?

> seem to be in their best interest, or the best interest of the Internet as
> a whole.  Of course, I could be mistaken, which is why I'd like some word
> from BBN.
> Rather than limit this issue to within the confines of private
> communication, I would like to see it carried out as a very vocal and
> lively public one.  That way, the general public will be able to make an
> educated decision regarding whether or not to purchase transit from
> BBN/GTE, in light of this.
> Regards,
> Adam

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