He's baaaaaaack...

Jamie Rishaw jamie at arpa.com
Tue Aug 11 16:10:34 UTC 1998

He's baaaaack...

(FYI, I just got an autoresponder to learn more about his shady business.

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>From sanfordwallace at sanfordwallace.com  Tue Aug 11 12:06:48 1998
From: sanfordwallace at sanfordwallace.com
Message-Id: <199808111606.MAA04932 at arpa.com>
Subject: from Sanford Wallace to former customer
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:34:23

     Hello there.  This is Sanford Wallace, former president of Cyber Promotions.  I am
writing this email to you because you were the administrator of at least one cyberpromo
(answerme) autoresponder.

     Unfortunately, cyberpromo went out of business last October.  I had tried to do
everything possible to keep the "empire" alive, but to no avail.  

     I am *very* sorry for the big cyberpromo mess.  It was never my intention to hurt
or screw anyone.  Hopefully, I will be able to fix many of my mistakes from the past.

     Well, I, Sanford Wallace, am on a comeback!  But, NOT in the spam business!  

     I have recently put up a popular web site, http://www.sanfordwallace.com

     The anti-spammers have been leaving it alone, because I have made a strong
commitment to never spam again.  (I hope that you don’t see *this* email as a spam.  I
have an existing relationship will all of the people on this "list."  And I’m not selling
anything, anyway.)

     But I do plan to offer many free services to small businesses, which will encourage
people to advertise on the Internet - WITHOUT SPAMMING!  This will be one way of
paying back former customers AND netizens!

     I already have many different services in the works.  You should visit my website
often to keep tabs on the latest developments.

     In addition, I have created an extremely popular message board, where the
anti-spammers and spammers fight it out :)      

     I would be very happy if you would post in that message board.  I want people to see
your opinion.

     On a final note, please feel free to reply to this message.  I will read every email, and I
plan to personally respond to each and every message.

     Thanks!  And, may you have GREAT success with your business!

P.S.  If you have any suggestions about anything, please write me back.


               Sanford Wallace ----> Anti-Spamford ----> DJ Spammy?

                         Participate in: "Sanford's Board"


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