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Fri Aug 7 19:53:44 UTC 1998

At 19:12 8/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>do much for the issue one way or another.  However, the question is begged:
>> "Should information on potential network abuse points be shared and public
>>or not?"
>Yes it should. All of the majors mail packages now have versions out that
>will correct the problem. Those that are still open for relaying are in
>that state becasue they don't want to upgrade. As long as they are in that
>condition they are a "nav hazard".
>There are software utilities that will scan the Internet for open-relay
>hosts, by IP address. Not putting them on a list will not hide them from
>these scanners. However, it will help the spam-fighter to know where these
>sites are, they can be black-holed.

This is basically my point and position.  Problems cannot be fixed if they
are not first identified.  If someone should get abused, and the abuser got
the relay from a list and not his own efforts, that *should* encourage the
relay owner to get off his/her/it's duff.  No one is as security concious
as he who has just been robbed.

Wabbit season! season!..wabbit season! season!..SPAMMER SEASON!

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