Q:traffic engineering practice in real world IP/ATM networks.

Yu Ning yuning at mindless.com
Wed Aug 5 11:41:16 UTC 1998

Hi friends,

It's said that one of the chief advatange of ATM supporting IP traffic is the
capability to fulfil traffic engineering(TE) on the base of PVP/PVC, so that
there isn't link under-utilized while some are over-utilized.

Then my question is: has any real world IP/ATM (or IP/FR) network carried out
traffic engeering? How they do it? (There seems not any standard protocol to
do so, then do they rely on some off-line performance optimizing tools, which
is a little slow in reaction to the network traffic change?)

Thanks for any comments.


Yu Ning.

Yu Ning
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BUPT (Beijing U. of Posts&Telecom)
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