Q:Why router with ATM interface comes out earlier than pure SONET interface?

Christian Kuhtz ck at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 3 23:14:21 UTC 1998

> > And if a service provider uses fundamentally different technologies and
> > approaches to solving the problem of the customers in an 
> attempt to generate
> > revenue, the service provider better be running similiar 
> technology (like
> > the customer).  Otherwise it'll hardly be efficient.
> all that matters is $$$ or ($$$)

That's what I meant.

> Could you please define what you mean by connectionless?

IP is a connectionless transport.  ATM is connection-oriented.

> > We usually assume 25% cell shredder tax on ATM vs. POS.  At 
> OC-48, you'll be
> > blowing an OC-12 in framing.  Seems like an awful waste of 
> bandwidth to me.
> > 
> Only if you are paying for it :).  

?  If I use ATM, I am paying for it.. No?  Anyone giving away ATM spigots?

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