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Jason Lixfeld jlixfeld at
Thu Apr 30 16:48:48 UTC 1998

And I would like to volunteer a website which is responsible as a jump
point for customers who try to reach the networks which are being blocked.
I read this in a different email, but what was said was that for all
networks which are being blocked, if a port 80 request destined for a
blocked network is sourced from your network, redirect it to a page that
explains WHY it is being blocked.  I think it would be more worth while to
have one single page that everyone could redirect to the have every NOC
setup their own server.

Opinions?  Suggestions? 

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Barry Caplin wrote:

:Hi Karl,
:> As promised, we now have a web page for this.
:> The current smurf list is at
:   Thanks for this great resource!  Would you consider a summary
:of just the network IPs at the bottom of the page so that it will
:be easy to cut and paste to create router filters?
:   Thanks,
:   Barry
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