Phillip Vandry vandry at Mlink.NET
Thu Apr 30 15:08:43 UTC 1998

Martin, Christian Wrote:
> All,
> Here is my contribution to the block list.  The script that generated
> this will follow.  It is 'public domain', in that it can be modified,
> BUT, please give credit where credit is due!
> !!!!!NOTE: This script assumes that the offending bounce sites are /24

That is mine.

Every router on there has had directed broadcasts disabled for a long time.
Only that network is a /25, so the broadcast address we are talking about

It turns out that not only does unexpectedly function as
an alternate broadcast address for this network, but it is unaffected by
no ip directed-broadcast!!!

This sounds like two bugs in one.

(and I performed a hack to fix this network, but I shouldn't have had to
do this)


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