Two renumbering questions

Mark Borchers markb at
Thu Apr 30 09:08:51 UTC 1998

On 29 Apr 98 at 22:40, John R Levine wrote:

> > > 1.  I have a /24 SWIPed to me,  The ARIN listing doesn't say
> > > it's non-portable, so can I take it with me?  And if I do, how likely is it
> > > that the new ISP's announcement will get installed in backbone routers
> > > rather than filtered for being too long?  It's right in the middle of the old
> > > upstream's block 205.238.192/18. 
> > 
> > If you *own* the block, you can do anything you want with it. 
> Well, there's the question -- I have no idea who owns it.  Look it up in 
> ARIN, it says it's mine, but with contact info from epix, the old upstream. 
> Again, though, even if I own it, if the announcements don't make it into the
> backbone it's not very useful, and I gather that some backbones now filter at
> /19 except for the swamp. 

"Ownership" is not the word to be using.

The 205.238.192/18 is ALLOCATED to Epix.  Meaning: the are authorized 
to use the addresses or to assign them to someone else to use.

The /24 is probably ASSIGNED to you.  Meaning:  you can be an end 
user of the addresses.

The /18 is not registered with ARIN as non-portable, so the 
portability call is exclusively up to the administrator of that 

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