Two renumbering questions

Joe Provo - Network Architect jprovo at
Thu Apr 30 02:49:57 UTC 1998

> My ISP is changing upstreams for a variety of reasons around May 18th.
> 1.  I have a /24 SWIPed to me,  The ARIN listing doesn't say
> it's non-portable, so can I take it with me? 
The ARIN db lost all portable/non-portable atributes in the conversion.
Unless folks have gone back and requested they get re-tagged,
portability is unclear from the ARIN db.

> rather than filtered for being too long?  It's right in the middle of the old
> upstream's block 205.238.192/18. 
If it is a singleton hole in a /18, your most net-friendly action would
be to voluntarily renumber.  The provider's most net-friendly action
would be to indicate it was non-portable.

> (There's other servers elsewhere that won't get renumbered.) If I tell the
> Internic that ivan's host number has changed, will that update all the
> domains served from it? 
Yes, that's the purpose of the HST record.  Update the HST and you're
all set.

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