Average and median IP packet size over the Internet?

Randolph C. Nicklas rcn at mci.net
Tue Apr 28 00:01:18 UTC 1998


See http://www.vbns.net/presentations/papers/index.html
for the paper
"Wide-Area Internet Traffic Patterns and Characteristics"
by K. Thompson, G. J. Miller, and R. Wilder, IEEE Network,
November/December 1997. You should find it relevant & interesting.


At 05:19 PM 4/27/98 -0400, Goldstein_William at bns.att.com wrote:
>Anyone know of any studies documenting this?  A know that IP packets
>over the Internet tend to be smaller rather than larger, but I wondered
>if anyone has published something.
>Bill Goldstein
>Senior Internet Specialist
>wgoldstein at att.com
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