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MEDIA RELEASE (FOR RELEASE 28-April-98) returns in 1998 even BIGGER and BETTER! 

Ourworld Global Network is proud to announce the return of after
the successful first conference run last December. Winter '98 is a conference specifically focused on ISPs (Internet
Service Providers) in Australia. This will be held in Sydney, Australia
from June 25th to 27th, 1998 at the Sydney Hilton. remains the only
ISP-orientated conference in the Asia-Pacific region. is a 3 day conference held on a seminar/tutorial basis with a focus
on the business and networking operations sides of operating ISPs. 
Speakers include leading technologists and business people in the ISP
business in Australia and USA. 

Dr Wayne Nowland, an internationally recognized expert in the telco and
satellite fields, will be presenting the keynote speech entitled "Heading
into the Millenium". Dr Nowland will be speaking on the emerging
tranmission technologies that will directly affect delivery of the
Internet in the coming years. 

The seminars cover a series of contemporary topics including legislative
and regulatory issues affecting Australian ISPs; ISP industry
associations; issues with settlement-based and settlement-free peering;
and various other issues relating to the business development of the ISP

The tutorial series includes sessions on basic and advanced network
operations held by routing gurus Avi Freedman and Justin Newton;
deployment of HFC/DSL solutions; scaling large dial access POPs;
implementation of satellite delivery mechanisms; deployment of Voice Over
IP technologies and other hands-on technical issues.

A "pre-conference" seminar will also be held for people interested in
becoming ISPs on June 24th. This is a wonderful forum for ISPs-to-be to
learn about various aspects of the industry from the more established
business and technical people who have gone through the initial difficult
stages of operating ISPs. This is a unique seminar not offered anywhere

A highlight of this conference is a dinner and social to be held at
Barcode in Star City on the Friday evening (June 26th) which will promote
networking amongst ISPs and other parties in the industry. There are also
other opportunities for networking during the conference, in particular
during the various breaks throughout the days.

The intended audience for this conference are technical and business staff
at ISPs, vendors supplying the Internet market, people intending to become
ISPs, and telco staff wanting to learn more about the emerging IP

The registration charge for Winter '98 is A$350 per attendee. An
early-bird registration special of A$250 applies for registrations paid by
May 15th. All registration is done via an online form. 

An agenda and additional information on this conference can be obtained

Further details can also be obtained from Rob Bridger or Sharyn Driscoll
via telephone to +61-2-9223-2777.


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