[nanog] RE: Traffic Shapping

Stephen Balbach stephen at clark.net
Sun Apr 26 22:30:47 UTC 1998

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Mark R. Lindsey wrote:

> Xedia Corporation makes a nifty device specifically for IP traffic
> shaping. It seems fairly well evolved, and can act as a bridge or a
> router, though it's definitely built for the edges of a network.
> (I'm not affiliated with Xedia; just played with their product.)

Network World recently reviewed the major shaper products. Packeteer came
out on top. Ive used it for about 6-months and its never rebooted or had a
problem. Nice to be able to controll your bandwidth for collocation
customers, etc.. which is all I use it for, but its got a ton of other
features. Such as serving up diffrent web pages depending on the speed of
the incoming request (modem customers get one set and 64K and higher a


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