Network Operators and smurf

Robert Sanders rsanders at
Fri Apr 24 23:28:16 UTC 1998

>That a route is *valid* doesn't mean its the best path or the one that the
>router will use.  It means that the path is *valid*.  You're confusing
>"valid" with "best".

Balderdash.  :-)  "Strict" asymmetry, exemplified in the Hughes DirecPC
satellite service which provides no dialin pool of its own, as well as in
some telco return cable modem setups, means that all downstream traffic
will take one path and all upstream traffic the other.  For that to happen,
the *only* paths which can exist are those pointing to the downstream path.
 This can be addressed with not-real-soon-now technology or it can be
ignored as a special case that's somebody else's problem, but when a
customer is paying our full rates yet moving the vast majority of his
traffic through somebody else, I would prefer to keep that customer happy.

  -- Robert

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