cflowd - seems OK now ;-)

Leigh Porter leigh at
Sun Apr 26 18:19:18 UTC 1998

Matt Ranney wrote:

> Leigh Porter <leigh at> writes:
> [...]
> > > Unfortunately it looks like this is only in 11.1(?)
> >
> > It sure does, does anybody have an details about what is differant onthe new
> > version (Version 6?)?
> You need flow export version 5 on your routers to use cflowd.  It sure
> would be handy if the error message that cflowd printed lead you
> believe this instead of that your IP stack is broken somehow.
> In addition to version 5 of the export format, newer IOS versions also
> let you do good things like expire flows more frequently then 30
> minutes (the old default) and set the source address.

It would, on both counts!
Anybody know of an image that wil work with cflowd, has traffic-shaping
and not-to-many-bugs ;-)


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